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ThinkPads are the world’s toughest laptops, powered by military-spec technology and are uniquely certified for use on the International Space Station. The perfect rational choice. Except buyers don’t make purely rational decisions. For ThinkPad's 25th birthday Lenovo ran a global fan testimonial campaign. The brief was to complement this advocacy campaign, but, without changing the testimonial construct, and deliver more impactful creative for the UK internal, channel and end user audiences. A tough proposition, just like ThinkPad.

ThinkPads were generally perceived as ‘work’ laptops. The LogicLogicMagic® approach repositioned ThinkPad with the line: ‘It’s the business’. This acknowledged ThinkPad’s workhorse heritage whilst addressing the growing market who only wanted one laptop in their lives. It also talked to the channel audience who were interested in what ThinkPad could do for their businesses. But we still had to address the issue of creating memorable fan testimonials.

We needed famous icons and influencers of all ages, to recount how and why they used ThinkPads to run their businesses. A big ask in a short space of time. The LogicLogicMagic® approach imagined which literary figures in the public domain, could be running their ‘businesses’ using ThinkPads; then brought these characters to life in film, digital and channel events. Santa Claus, Lady Luck, The Devil & Cupid were enlisted to tell their very different individual ThinkPad business stories.

Alongside the testimonial films which were distributed through social and digital channels, the campaign characters were brought to life in the channel, through themed spiff days. Lady Luck hosted over thirty themed events, helping to drive a 49% increase in sales during the initial phase of the campaign. She then handed the baton to Cupid on Valentine’s Day who continued to help drive sales, with sales teams incentivised through Lenovo’s LoveThink portal.

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